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Make love to a fat fem Asian and 9 more tips for a better LGBTQ+ community.

In the previous QuestionMark, I received many suggestions on how to make our community better. I felt though that these were not very actionable. This is why I came up with 10 ways that almost everyone can put them on their list for 2020. 1. Come out. To your family, friends, work and family minors. […]

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Best Posts of 2019

QuestionMark is 1 years old! Here is the countdown with the best posts of 2019. Thank you! 10. Creating a Better LGBTQ+ Community (Part 1) 9. Stop Fighting Over the Pride Flag Colours 8. Coming Out Stories (Part 1) 7. Can The Pope Be An LGBTQ+ Ally? 6. Do Fetishes Have a Place in Our […]

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Creating a better LGBTQ+ community (Part 1)

All your answers from the recent survey are included below in the format: “Answer”- author Putting our money where our mouth is Giving money to LGBT causes can be of the highest importance for our community. I believe we can all understand how funding NGOs that protect our members and allies, provide shelter, professional support […]

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A library of LGBTQ history links (ever-expanding)

Reading The History of LGBT rights The American Gay Rights Movement Respect Your Trans Elders: Two Justice Warriors Who Paved the Way for Today’s Trans Movement Unbreakable Rainbow in Warsaw Instagram Irish Queer Archive LGBT History Video & Movies Queer UK 1900-1990 Pink Triangles Stonewall Riots Explained Beaten, Robbed & Left to Die (1982) The […]

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Sam Smith’s Gender Pronouns Update Is What Our Community Needed

Sam Smith has reportedly updated their pronouns to “their/them”. That happened a few months after they came out as gender non-binary. This is of great importance for our community and Sam Smith as well. Sam probably the most famous person requesting to be addressed with the singular “they” pronouns them/they. The singer’s power will shed […]

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Do Fetishes Have a Place In Our Pride Parades?

Your opinions only Intro from Mike. In this post, I haven’t included my opinion but only your answers. Make me happy by subscribing to the future blog posts. The “Yes” ones I think they do, pride is all about celebrating our sexual orientation, sexuality and for some, a huge part of their sexuality centres around fetishes. So why […]

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Are we being exploited?

A community, a movement, and the games of profit. Exploitto make use of meanly or unfairly for one’s own advantagee.g. exploiting migrant farm workersSource Who is trying to exploit the LGBT community? 34 of you replied: Some of your opinions Is the exploitation of the LGBTQ+ community a thing? Are there perpetrators that try to take advantage […]

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Pride In The LGBTQ+ Community

Pride is the first of the seven deadly sins, and I believe I know why. Before leaving Greece, I experienced the rise of the far-right and realised one thing. Pride combined with ignorance paves the shortest path to fascism. When you are proud of something you haven’t accomplished, you lack the knowledge that comes with experience. […]

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