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Your coming out stories #3 – Coming out in a straight world (9 min read)

The following story is written by Casper.Do you have a story to share? Growing up in a straight world I’ve known since the age of twelve that I was somehow different compared to my classmates in elementary school. Or even at a younger age. I mean, when do you really know about your sexuality? I […]

Living with HIV #2

In the city I live, it is estimated that there are about 8000 HIV+ people. Every time I searched for poz people through Grindr I found none in the closest 20-30 km. Although I would never ask anyone to share their HIV status on a dating profile, I started wondering how are we treating people […]

Living with HIV #1

I was 12 years of age, back in Greece. I remember watching TV and a journalist had on the phone two HIV people talking about their experiences. One gay man and one straight woman. I still remember how the host tried to blame the gay man for promiscuity. At the same time, he was very […]

Substance Abuse #2: Getting Tina out of my life

Confession share by Tony. Share your substance abuse story. “I didn’t try recreational drugs until I was in my early 30s when I became friends with a group of guys who would go out to a club and then back to a house party a few times a month. I was never a fan of […]

Make love to a fat fem Asian and 9 more tips for a better LGBTQ+ community.

In the previous QuestionMark, I received many suggestions on how to make our community better. I felt though that these were not very actionable. This is why I came up with 10 ways that almost everyone can put them on their list for 2020. 1. Come out. To your family, friends, work and family minors. […]

Best Posts of 2019

QuestionMark is 1 years old! Here is the countdown with the best posts of 2019. Thank you! 10. Creating a Better LGBTQ+ Community (Part 1) 9. Stop Fighting Over the Pride Flag Colours 8. Coming Out Stories (Part 1) 7. Can The Pope Be An LGBTQ+ Ally? 6. Do Fetishes Have a Place in Our […]


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