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Just one pill a day, I thought.

One of my best friends once told me that our dreams secretly tell us what we want the most. I don’t know if that’s true, but I often dream I’m flapping my wings and flying high. As crazy as it sounds, freedom is still something that I crave so bad. I had it all, but […]

Would you refer a trans girl like me?

My name isn’t Maria, but I will be Maria for this article. I am a trans girl that was born several years ago in a poor neighbourhood in Brazil. My mum was too young when she gave birth to me, so my grandparents and my uncle were the ones to mostly raised me. I have […]

My name is Ariadni, and this is my story

I was only a little child when I sneaked into my mum’s bedroom, and I put on her dress and lipstick. At this young age was the first time my mum tried to scare the woman out of me. It took me several years to face the world and honestly show them who I am. […]

Black man

Growing up black and gay: Tired of being different (17 min read)

This is a personal story about racism and how it is to grow up black and gay in a white man’s world. There is a common misconception that I haven’t experienced racism or that it hasn’t affected my life. I’m university educated, I have a great job, I travel the world, and I enjoy my […]

Your coming out stories #3 – Coming out in a straight world (9 min read)

The following story is written by Casper.Do you have a story to share? Growing up in a straight world I’ve known since the age of twelve that I was somehow different compared to my classmates in elementary school. Or even at a younger age. I mean, when do you really know about your sexuality? I […]

Living with HIV #2

In the city I live, it is estimated that there are about 8000 HIV+ people. Every time I searched for poz people through Grindr I found none in the closest 20-30 km. Although I would never ask anyone to share their HIV status on a dating profile, I started wondering how are we treating people […]


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