Do Fetishes Have a Place In Our Pride Parades?

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Do Fetishes Have a Place In Our Pride Parades?

The “Yes” ones

I think they do, pride is all about celebrating our sexual orientation, sexuality and for some, a huge part of their sexuality centres around fetishes. So why wouldn’t you want to include it? People will probably say that pride shouldn’t be sexualised it should be more about equality and fighting for freedoms, but to those people I say the freedom to express your sexuality without judgement on your own terms is one of the very freedoms that the LGBT community has fought for. — / @quench_IE

Being LGBT is already sexually non-normative, and fetishes are, too. Being part of a fetish community is also an important part of life for many LGBT people (I think it comes from: once you’ve already realised you don’t have to live a vanilla, monogamous straight life, because you’re LBGT, you feel freer to try other things, too), so why not celebrate those subcommunities? — Philip

I see fetishes in pride parades as a form of expression of liberation as opposed to oppression and society manipulation to be who they want people to be. If this self-expression is a way to show to the world who you are, then let it be. — Andres R.

Yes, they’re part of the gay culture stemming from a time when gay sex was forced underground — Howya

Yes! We are celebrating our queerness and the fact that we are not heteronormative. Brian McBabe. — Organiser of Explicit in Zürich

They are a huge part of the LGBTQ community. Everyone one has at least one fetish and it’s good that some participants are not afraid to show them as Fetishes are still a big stigma.— Ridick

Yes, I think people get free in that time and everyone has a more open mind, so that’s why people sometimes talk about it, show it and experience it a bit more since they feel freer. — Leandro G

Fetishes represent a fantasy projection of people personality. This way they offer an insight on the LGBT full spectrum beyond unnecessary moral judgments setting the basis for an honest observation of human nature. It’s an ironic and liberating approach that shouldn’t be taken literally but more as an extra layer in the storytelling of our community. — Giuseppe

Of course, let us educate and liberate the heterosexuals. Pride is about love, equality and justice. And we all have to have it… unless your fetish is illegal of course and that’s beyond anyone’s sexuality. —

Pride is about self-expression and the multifaceted forms of identity. It’s complex but we cannot be limiting. —

Yes. Leather pride bear pride fetish pride. — Rob

Yes, tonnes of it —

Yes! It’s an expression of what makes sex sex. — Anonymous

Yes. It‘s a part of queer identity. And because it‘s always evolving and getting new people into the fetish scene (for example puppy play) it should have a visible place at pride too. In that way, it can be a connection and meeting point for people that already love fetish or for people that are interested. Also, it‘s a great way to meet friends from all over the world, for example at Folsom Berlin. — Anonymous

Yes, because it could encourage people to more enjoy their fetishes with more people if they want to. — Anonymous

Yes. LGBTQIA have always been open. We spearhead not only the sexual revolution in the 70s but also today. We don’t allow society to restrain our interests. It’s something to be proud of. — Anonymous

Yes, Pride is meant to represent and include all of those from the LGBT community and accept all people regardless of the sexual preference and/or orientation. Fetish is one part of this and everyone has some form of their own fetish, some may just seem more extreme than others — Anonymous

Yes, why not?! — Anonymous

Because I feel prouder and it’s normal and funny — Anonymous

Yes. They’re a part of queer culture — Anonymous

Yes, because people should be proud of them. More exposure = more acceptance — Anonymous

Absolutely. Pride is all about being unashamed and open, celebratory. If you can’t celebrate the weird and wonderful or sexuality and sexual orientation at Pride then Pride has lost something crucial of its self. Pride needs to be all-embracing, to make everyone feel welcome and to give people the opportunity to meet others who are like them. — Anonymous

Yes. Enjoy exploring other guys fetishes .— Anonymous

Yes, because people are entitled to express themselves .— Anonymous

Yes, because no one should be ashamed .— Anonymous

Definitely, it’s the one day we can express ourselves in the open proudly — Anonymous

For men to meet and explore the fetishes with like-minded men. — Anonymous

Of course, they do. Everyone needs to be represented and fetishes are a major representation of expression that people still find taboo. Having a place in a parade lets others know about fetishes, shows those that have them they aren’t alone and that’s it’s okay to have them, as well as possible opening up underlying feelings of others. — Anonymous

Yes, it’s part of who we are. — Anonymous

Yes, sexual liberation is something to celebrate. — Anonymous

I think they should be at pride, but I don’t see them enough. — Anonymous

Sure. Straight people consider anything queer to be taboo or fetishistic, and things like the hankey code are part of queer history. — Anonymous

Yes, it’s an expression of us. — Anonymous

I don’t see why not. It shouldn’t be a thing to hide from. — Anonymous

I think so. It’s not just about sexual orientation but about acceptance and accepting people for who they are as a whole. It’s time to celebrate everything and everyone. — Anonymous

Freedom of expression — Anonymous

Yes, but… or “some of them”

I think as long as they are not overtly sexual, then fetish stuff is fine. Pride is increasingly becoming a more family-friendly event, so this should be taken into consideration as far as fetish gear is concerned. — Wayne

Yes! Fetishes have a place everywhere…even more important to show the diversity in our community meet other like-minded people (except sock fetishes, that’s too weird!) — Baz 🙂

I think it depends a lot on whether the people displaying their fetish mix with the rest of the event (except maybe during the parade since they might have their own float) or if they stay separate and are just there to get “hot and bothered” publicly. Pride for me is about inclusion and acceptance, not about getting laid and have the world watch. If the fetishist’s goal is to proudly present his sexual preference and educate people about it, please do so. If the goal is to bust a nut, then maybe a sex club or the privacy of one’s home should be considered as a more appropriate place for it. — Kris Bo

I think it depends. Nothing should be too explicit, I mean there is no need for stuff such dildos, etc… we all should be sensible and remember that it happens at day time and people from all ages could be watching it. Some stuff, we keep in the bedroom. — Anonymous.

Certainty as long as they are not offensive to the public (children, racism, etc) — Peri_kalas

Depends on the fetish. Considering pride has become so family friendly I don’t see the need to be naked on the street. Save that for the parties. — Alan

Depends on the fetish, the more widespread ones like BDSM yeah but the more niche ones like scat… not so much 🤢 — Anonymous

Yes, to an extent. However, I do find Pride has been orientated towards more sexual ways recently which isn’t appropriate for younger queers in our community, not their families. — Anonymous

Some of them probably, most don’t — Anonymous

Yes, but it depends on the fetish some are just weird. — Anonymous

Yes some do — Anonymous

Totally. It’s an expression of identity that defies the heteronormative society. — Anonymous

Yes cause having a fetish is normal — Anonymous

To an extent. As we struggle for equality, it may not be wise to flaunt all that takes place in the bedroom — Anonymous

Some of them… the very sexual ones better if private — Anonymous

The “maybe” ones (?)

Maybe. I haven’t thought about it before reading this question :) —

I’m not strictly against it, but everyone has fetishes. It isn’t something that makes LGBTQ unique. I’d also like the focus to be shifted to equality or improving self-image instead of sex-focused. — Anonymous

Yes and no — the parade is for everyone, but not all fetishes are. — Anonymous

The “no-way-Jose” ones

Pride should be political only. — Anonymous

No, it’s private .— Anonymous

No, still too much shame. — Anonymous

No. Fetishes is not restricted to LGBT. Pride shout remain a more protest parade and about visibility! — Anonymous

No, it’s no wonder the world sees gays as over the top because sex is what makes us different but our sexual desire does not need to be on Main St. or any street.

The “it’s all Greek to me”

Don’t know if they should, they’re an intimate construct. — Anonymous

Not sure 🤔. — Anonymous


I’ve seen some. And some of them were not very pleasant. —

I don’t know. I’m not interested in pride parades. — Anonymous

I feel like some fetishes, like feet, are so common it’s hardly taboo anymore, so maybe (?) but I’d hate to make it harder for gay people to find equal rights because we’re perceived as sex deviants. — Anonymous

Hmmm. Pride is about celebrating identity and unifying the diverse range of orientations and gender identities. Sexual acts and fetishes are behaviors more than identities in my opinion. — Anonymous

I don’t think it should be only related to the gay world, straight people have fetishes, too. — Anonymous

There are ppl wearing leather, kinky gadgets, etc. — Anonymous

Do fetishes have a place in our parades? Leave your comments below.

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Being a coprophile and ostracized for it throughout my life, I believe those with poop fetishes should have a place in this community. LGBTQ and yes, P! Add a brown stripe to that rainbow. Our lives should matter too.

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