Your coming out stories #1

“I was 17.

I felt like I wasn’t connected to my friends because of my secret. I decided I needed to do something about it. I felt quite confident that my friends would understand me but it still was scary.

I asked all my friends individually to join me for a late evening walk in the park near our school. Each of them expected only me and him or her to be there. They were surprised to see the dozen of people turning up.

I didn’t talk much. I told them I’m gay in a few words. Not much background or explanations. The response was neither enthusiastic nor phobic. Most of the guys and girls just said: Ok, noted.

A few weeks later one of those guys started gossiping around about me and got quickly excluded from the circle. I was the first in our group of friends. There were two more people to come out in the next few years.” – Ma

“I have never hidden myself. If anyone asked I told them.” – Jason

“I came out NYE 99′-00′,

I first came out to my dad who was very accepting and understanding which was a relief. I came out a few days later to my mother which was hard as we were close. She wasn’t happy and we stopped talking for almost 6 months. I’d walk in the room and she would walk out. However, we sat down and chatted and then she became ok with it over time. Now, we are even closer and she loves to meet my partner’s when I have them.

My sister thought it was a phase but now gets it isn’t. My brother has always been ok with it, as my Catholic side of the family and the Church of England side of the family.

The only things I really lost were a group of friends, but hey there loss, not mine.” – Simon P

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