QuestionMark.blog could be a Masters Programme of LGBT+ Opinions and Experiences. A school were students study quotes and stories of the realities that shape us.

QuestionMark is not trying to change anyone’s mind. Its primary goal is to create LGBT individuals and allies with more empathetic and well-rounded views.

The core of its existence is thoughtful questions and honest answers. Stories are there to entertain, inspire and give a more profound sense to where we are coming from.


I have a tendency to overshare. To many, I am just talking too much. I see it as a way to express what I see, compare it with what others understand and slowly build a more tangible sense of this world.

Today, I want to turn my annoying characteristic into a superpower. QuestionMark.blog is my attempt to create a space where:

  • Sharing unfiltered minds anonymously or not is OK.
  • Opinions are not debates about who is right or wrong.
  • Opinions out of our social chamber might be hosted.
  • Current LGBT+ issues inspire daily discussions.

Come join me.


QuestionMarks or monthly surveys. We ask our readers about a current issue, and we share the answers back for all of you to read.

Stories are personal. Some of them are made to inspire, shed light on things we don’t talk a lot about, or to entertain.

Opinions. Sometimes, I need to say something right away. In the future, I plan to host your opinions as well, so if you want to share something, please contact me at iam@mikemark.com.


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Connect with me.

This blog also works as the stepping stone to publishing my first book. I am working on unlocking my writing potential in English. I want to learn what you like to read and how to present my stories to you.

Want to support my goal? Stay connected.

Pieces of my own

Sad yet hopeful. My coming out story.

I was asleep when my mum woke me up softly. Tears were running down her face. She looked confused. “Come to the living room, please. I don’t want to wake your brother up”. There is no right time for people to learn you are LGBT. There is no wrong time, either. People are rarely prepared […]

The “Coming Out” That Made Me

Disclaimer Exclamation Marks are personal stories within QuestionMark. Alternatively, I would have called them “Stories that made us or broke us”. This one took place years ago in a small village in northern Greece. I will do my best to stay as original as I can and to share everything I remember. Let’s start with […]

Threatened To Be Outed At The Age Of 15

We don’t need to know why people are not ready to come out. We have to be able to let them be. The setting I was 15 years of age. To an outsider, I was living a boring life in a dull village in northern Greece. On the inside, I was living a life in […]