Special Issue: Coming out

Coming out is a constant process in a straight or hetero-normative world. Find here stories that celebrate the struggles of the LGBT identity.

Start by reading the story of a 12-year-old boy in Greece that is checking the possible consequences of a coming out.

Never push anyone to come out before they are ready.

Four years later, the same boy faces the consequences while coming out to his parents.

I was asleep when my mum woke me up softly. Tears were running down her face. She looked confused. “Come to the living room, please. I don’t want to wake your brother up”.

There is no right time for people to learn you are LGBT. There is no wrong time, either. People are rarely prepared […] Read more

Some of our reader stories

“I knew for sure that I was gay at 13, after binge-watching Queer as Folk (both the UK and US versions).

In 2nd Year Art, I told three close girlfriends and they were completely supportive. One of them was that stereotypical straight white girl and asked me the MOST awkward and inappropriate questions. Although they all said they wouldn’t tell anyone, they definitely did, though no one actually said anything to me or let on that they knew. I was okay with everyone knowing to be honest.

Three days before I started in 3rd Year, I called my mam into my room. I wanted to tell her and be 100% out before going back, so I could go into my Junior Cert year with as few deep inner struggles as possible. She sat down and I just said it. She asked me why I thought so, not in a negative way but more because she wanted to know my thought process. After I explained myself she said, “Well, so am I”.

I hugged my mam and she cried a bit and that was that. She… read more

Stay tuned, as there is more to come.